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Coronavirus..a serious issue and threat. We hope everyone stays safe and follows the procedures
your local authorities recommend.
Here in Delray Beach, FL, like elsewhere, we are dealing with all the Coronavirus restrictions. Tennis at the
pro and amateur level has ground to a halt for the next few months, if not longer.  In view of this, it's nice to
peek in and see what  local tennis players and pros have come up with to pass the time
From The Rainberry Bay Tennis Club:
Bob and Linda decided to take a shot at
playing street tennis. There are no nets for
Bob to double fault and since he can't see
the lines well, there are no lines to call

There are no let calls for cars, dogs and
bicyclists, only for Iguanas. Fortunately,
they are more than 6 feet apart and don't
have to worry about being busted by the
Rainberry Bay Rangers!
Here, Christy the Rainberry Bay Tennis Club Director of
Tennis and Head Pro enlisted the aid of her hubby Bob to
help resurface the 11 clay and 4 pickleball courts.

Christy said he's a great "mule" and has piled up to 5, 50
pounds of clay on his back and made him walk on all 4's to
each court. Bob asked wouldn't a dolly have worked better.
Christy said it would have, but not as fun.

To get even, there was a 1000 pound court roller next to the
bags of clay. When Christy took a bathroom break, Bob hid
the roller. Christy asks Bob where the roller is. Bob says I
don't know,  it was here a few minutes ago. Christy throws
up her arms and says a 1000 pound roller just doesn't