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Vince's Tip On The Serve
Doctor John F Murray, Ph D's Mental Tips Corner
Beating the "pusher" requires a unique set of mental skills. For one, this opponent is usually not going to hurt you with any
offensive firepower. You are more likely to beat yourself in frustration because this player loves to simply hang in there and win the
battle of attrition. To counteract this, here are four pointers:
1) Develop a very patient mindset and realize that you are in for desert warfare. It really helps to be fit here!  
2) The pusher is usually a defensive player who likes to stay back, retrieve, and counterpunch. Knowing this, find ways to take the
pusher and make him or her play aggressively. Bring the pusher to the net with short balls, move the pusher to the side with short
angles, and come to the net yourself. See how the pusher deals with this different role.
3) Turning the pusher into an attacker is like trying to ease a cat into your swimming pool. Confuse this player by serving and
volleying at times, but then faking it and staying back. When the return is short and soft (favorite shot of the pusher), then attack with a
nicely placed approach shot and enjoy watching the pusher squirm in having to be aggressive again.
4) Keep the pusher off balance with your strategies. Once you gain the upper hand, you might see the pusher begin to push a little
too hard. When you see the pusher implode in frustration, you know your technique is working!
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